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Double Check and the Kusnacht Practice


Both companies are located in Zurich-Zollikon, just 10 mins by car from the city center and 30 mins from the Airport.

Double Check is an academic specialist center for medical services, check-up’s and second opinions.

We pride ourselves in having the strongest relationship with the Zurich University Hospital, bringing you the leading academic professors under one roof.

We will coordinate, organize, supervise and follow-up any intervention you will need and thanks to our network, you will have priority access to the best specialists in any field. From surgery to assessment, or small procedure to a skin check, all this can be organized and coordinated very quickly by our team of Care Concierge.

Double Check also offers the most advanced and bespoke Check-up services you can obtain. Unlike many centers, you will not only get the top experts during your check-up, but also the program will be individually adapted to your needs, avoiding any unnecessary tests.

Last but not least, Double Check also provides a special second opinion service. We have a long experience in helping patients often with complex medical problems receiving an independent and interdisciplinary assessment, diagnosis and advice, which are second to none. More than twenty renowned and highly experienced professors with their worldwide specialist networks are at our disposal.


Наша цель

Нашей целью является предоставление пациентам индивидуального плана лечения, который

позволит им вернуться к здоровому образу жизни. Покидая наш центр, пациенты обретают

свободу от зависимостей и пагубных привычек, из-за которых они страдали, а также

свободу от фармацевтических средств. Помимо этого, мы восстанавливаем биохимический

и нейрохимический баланс, что благотворно влияет на самооценку пациентов, а также

обеспечивает достижение наилучшего результата от проводимого лечения.

Все это в сочетании с нашей специально разработанной Программой непрерывной

поддержки помогает пациенту вернуть контроль над своей жизнью.

The Kusnacht Practice is the world’s most exclusive private treatment

centre. It adopts a unique approach to treating addictions and

psychological disorders with unique and tailor-made treatment

programs. These gives the greatest chance of a lasting recovery

from all forms of addiction and other psychological disorders

including depression, eating disorders and many others.

Clients receive one-on-one treatment which is custom designed

to treat the underlying causes of their disorder, not merely their

symptoms. Clients live with a personal counsellor during their

unique treatment program, which is delivered by a team of 12

internationally-renowned specialists.