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Dukley Hotels & Resorts - represented by Ars Vitae


Dukley Hotel & Resort is a serene oasis furnished with every amenity, set against the backdrop of one of Europe’s most fascinating historical sites and, just beyond your residence, all the pleasures and diversions that the Budva Riviera has to offer.

This is the place where you can replenish yourself, within the comfort and convenience at home.

Meticulously considering every detail, Dukley indulges its guests with the privileges of a five-star hotel; an enviable locale with chic facilities, comprehensive services, and attentive staff.

Nestled into the lushly landscaped gardens and mature pine, cypress and olive groves of the Zavala Peninsula, we offer sweeping Adriatic views, direct access to the coastal estate’s exclusive beachfront, and selection of stylish drink and dining venues.

Outside the gates of Dukley, you have the world at your fingertips: yachting, diverse nature, endless activities, a boasting nightlife, and everything else your heart desires. There are no boundaries.

Inside Dukley Hotel & Resort, you have a harbor filled with the security, peace and pleasure that you seek.

This is your retreat, this is where you recharge before you go out for more.

With Dukley you can have it all. Everything is nearby, but you are cocooned. You are protected. You will be envied by those not allowed to enter.

We will take you away from harsh realities of your everyday life.