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Kliniken Allianz München


Kliniken Allianz Munchen

Alliance of clinics in Munich is a union of leading clinics in Southern of Bavaria in all medical areas, which consists of more than 15 clinics. The administrative department will help you to make the right choice regarding the medical treatment or will advice you of a clinic where leading doctors and professors will give you a highly skilled aid. Each of these clinics has an international department, which you can directly contact in terms of medical and organizational questions.

If required, you will be always accompanied by the highly qualified translators with many years of experience in this field.

We follow the hospitable German´s traditions, combined with an accurate, high-quality and leading global medicine, which allowed to make us the best clinics among demanding patients. We will take care of your health, but the surrounding atmosphere of alpine upland region will provide you with good mood and relaxation.