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Viajes Pacifico


Peruvian-owned and based DMC with over 40 years of experience, catering to most discerning clients. Our highly experienced team of Russian and English-speaking travel designers is prepared to create the most exquisite, unique and delightful travel experiences for your VIP clients. Private jets and yachts, off-road adventures with desert glamping, local communities, travelling aboard the Belmond Andean Explorer train from Cusco to Arequipa, cruising the Amazon and its tributaries in a small luxury ship, flying over the enigmatic Nasca lines in a private Cessna aircraft, enjoying a private ceremony with an aunthentic shaman - you name it, we have it all covered. We offer Peru and combination tours with Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Galapagos islands, Argentina, Brasil and Colombia. Let Viajes Pacifico (VIPAC) take care of all the details, so that your clients can enjoy their holidays!