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El Palace Barcelona / Hotel du Palais


Built in 1919, creating a splendid reality out of an idea dreamed up by the King Alphonse XIII and the Swiss hotelier César Ritz, El Palace has

fascinated both locals and visitors ever since its inauguration, thanks to the countless

architectural treasures it houses. It is a living symbol of the luxury and glamour that

marked an important period in the history of the city of Barcelona, the 1920s. The

design typical of that era, which originated in the Belle Époque and has been adapted

to the highest modern standards, is today the hotel’s most distinguishing feature.

Salvador Dalí, Xavier Cugat, Elton John, Frank Sinatra, Paul McCartney, Camilo

José Cela and many other renowned and influential guests have, during the last

century, been seduced by the hotel’s splendour, luxury and prestige.