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Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort


Located in Maremma, one of the most strikingly beautiful corners of Tuscany, the award-winning Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort is centred around an ancient travertine stone building on the site of a rich thermal spring which dates back beyond the Etruscan era. Legend tells of Saturn, God of the Harvest, striking a volcanic crater with a mighty thunderbolt, causing a river of warm, mineral-infused waters to rush over the valley of Saturnia. Generations of bathers have enjoyed the health-giving properties of the waters, which gush from the spring at a rate of 500 litres per second and at a constant temperature of 37° C. Impressive Roman baths lead from the elegant hotel to the warm spring, which feeds four pools, a Jacuzzi, waterfalls and waterways. The healing powers of the sulphurous spring water are harnessed in luxurious, regenerative therapies at Terme di Saturnia’s SPA, which offers a range of tailored medical, nutritional, destress, detox and fitness programmes, 53 treatments rooms, and state-of-the-art facilities. An overriding philosophy of seeking harmony with the natural environment is reflected in the design of the 128 guest rooms, and in the eco 18-hole golf course, designed to blend seamlessly into the glorious surrounding countryside. The Aqualuce restaurant offers fine International dining, whilst the All’Acquacotta restaurant, serves Tuscan recipes inspired by a farm-to-table concept.