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Lily of the Valley - represented by Ars Vitae


The Concept

Once upon a time, the hotel trade of tomorrow…

A top a hill overlooking the Mediterranean, Lily of the Valley is not an ordinary hotel. Planted on the prestigious peninsula of Saint-Tropez, we offer the luxurious experience of a French five-star establishment immersed the world of well-being, nutrition, and sport.

The holistic method of Lily of the Valley combines natural therapies, ancestral techniques, physical activities, and dietary monitoring to help you rebalance.

The Project

«Creation must invest an environment without upsetting it.» — Philippe Starck

At Lily of the Valley, humans marry nature to create a place of balance, well-being, and compassion. Designer Philippe Starck, imbued with this vision, has imagined a hotel that does not impose itself on its environment, but rather blends with and adapts to it.

Inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the architecture of Provençal abbeys, and the design of Californian villas, Starck has conceived thirty-eight junior and six master suites housed within a lush park. Nature comes into its own again. Time is suspended. The buildings house large rooms of forty-seven and ninety-four square meters, each featuring a private terrace and designed with comfort, culture, and generosity in mind.

Comfort, culture, and generosity are also what two living spaces of Lily of the Valley embody. The "Loft": unique and tranquil. In summer you may savor a meal by the pool while taking in the 180-degree sea view; in winter you may curl up with a warming tea beside the fire. The "Wellness": epicenter of our philosophy. A haven of nearly 2,000 square meters, it is a place dedicated to sport and well-being. There you will find a gym; yoga, pilates, and reiki classes; a 25-meter sports pool; and a private restaurant. Seven treatment cabins, two saunas, a large steam room, and a snow shower will also be available for your relaxation.

The Geography

Nestled beside the sea, Lily of the Valley overlooks Gigaro Beach in La Croix Valmer. This village—located fifteen minutes from Saint-Tropez—has retained its authenticity: the urbanization is contained and its beaches are the largest in the region.

The landscape between La Croix Valmer and Saint-Tropez is preserved by the estate of Cap Lardier; a protected area, it breathes life into the Var coast. Here you can practice electric mountain biking, Nordic walking, or simply enjoy a balanced breakfast brought to you by our teams after your morning run.