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Madrid Tourism Board


Madrid Destino is in charge of the cultural, tourism, economic and business promotion of the city of Madrid, both at a national and international level.

As the marketing agency for the city of Madrid, we are responsible for managing the different channels the City Council uses to promote its image, informing residents and visitors alike about what Madrid has to offer in the way of culture, tourism, entertainment and business.

In addition, Madrid Destino is in charge of promoting the city’s image, designing and implementing advertising campaigns and defining strategies to attract tourists. Our company also includes Madrid Convention Bureau (MCB), whose role is to promote Madrid as a top business destination and a city capable of hosting national and international meetings and congresses.

Madrid is an open-minded city where culture, entertainment and business share an attractive, thriving space. Thanks to its modern, cosmopolitan flare and the friendly and enthusiastic nature of those who live here, the Spanish capital makes everyone feel right at home, inviting all to experience some of the world’s best tourist and cultural attractions.