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Korea Lounge: SAM Medical Center


Since its inception in 1967, Sam Hospital of Hyosan Medical Foundation (HMF) has done its best to promote health and healthcare of local residents as the first general hospital in Anyang. As of 2015, Sam Hospital has grown to have 4 hospital groups such as Sam Anyang Hospital, G Sam Hospital (Sam International Hospital), Sam Women's Hospital and Sam Oriental Hospital. It is now spurring to take a leap toward the world going beyond its region.

Sam International Hospital, opened to keep pace with global era, is equipped with International Clinic as well as international wards and guest houses with best facilities so that foreign patients can use them conveniently. In addition, the hospital is providing the best medical service to not only outpatients but also inpatients and emergency patients by establishing 24 hours / 7 days treatment service system through dedicated coordinators for smooth communication with professional medical team.

Sam Hospital boasts of specialized cancer treatment with modern medicine combined with holistic integrative treatment, 1:1 customized medical examination service and Infertility Clinic that makes the dreams of sub-fertile couples coming true. As these have been already well received by foreign patients, more patients are visiting the hospital from diverse countries such as US, Russia, China, Mongolia and Vietnam.