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IL BORRO TOSCANA - F. Ferragamo Property


Welcome to a place like no other!

The origins of the Il Borro village are found in the history of medieval Tuscany and the people who established the reputation of the region. Every alley, every stone speaks of a time filled with flavours and scents that bring to mind a memory of a rare and authentic Tuscany.

Surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and cypress trees along ancient Via dei Sette Ponti

an area rich in art and culture between three main cities: Florence, Arezzo and Siena,

the estate is an open window of history.

The Medici dynasty, the Savoia and now the Ferragamo family have safeguarded and

preserved this precious oasis, suspended between past and present, a sanctuary dedicated to wellbeing

and the art of hospitality.


45 min driving distance from Florence

40 min driving distance from Siena

20 min driving distance from Arezzo

Accommodation in the estate consists of different options:

- A Medieval Village with 38 Suites

- The new area "AIE" close to the Medieval Village with other new luxury 18 Suites (available from mid July)

- Villa Il Borro with 10 double bedrooms and a butler service, private swimming pool ouside, heated pool inside, private fitness room, private Billiard room

- Villa Casetta with 4 double bedrooms in the middle of our wineyards with private swimming pool outside


- Horseriding School

- 2 Swimming pools (1 Infiniy Pool Spa related and 1 swimming pool at the end of the Medieval Village for Families and Kids)


- Wine &Art toour and wien degustation

- The Tuscan Bistrò our restaurant close to the Infinity pool. Classic Tuscan kitchen

- Osteria Il Borro our gourmet restaurant with a terrace and an open view kitchen. There is also a private room and a private extra kitchen for events or cooking classes

- Golf Course

- Cerfified Organic Garden

- Certified Organic wines

- Complimentary visit for all our guests to visit the Ferragamo Museum in Florence

- VIP treatment for shopping visit at the Mall close to FLorence

- Fitness room in front of the Infinity Pool