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Refine Asia


As a provider of corporate and luxury travel services in Southeast Asia, Refine Asia stands at the forefront as your exclusive Destination Management Company in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia and China where our own operational offices are based.

Whether for pure recreation, or for a mixture of business and pleasure – Refine Asia’s customized tour packages open the doorway to all the extraordinary, fabulous, and most exclusive experiences that await discovery in the mysterious continent of Asia.

Our full range of services includes high-class transfers on land, sea and in the air, world-class accommodation arrangements, compelling private events incl. destination dining’s and special meetings, VIP concierge services and expert guided leisure excursions tailored for demanding travellers.

All tours are unique and are designed to meet the client’s personal preferences and needs. In general, it is our mission to fulfil the individual travel dreams of each customer, while ensuring a completely hazzle-free and unspoilt experience no matter how extensive the planning and how challenging the actual execution might be.

Refine Asia is a sister company of Focus Asia , a highly successful tourism operation combining decades of industry experience with an extensive supplier and partner network, catering for thousands of Russian tourists every year.

This connection gives us a great competitive advantage in terms of rates as well as Russian speaking services including our own sales office in Moscow that is there to assist you with quick information and offers anytime.

Компания Refine Asia занимает лидирующие позиции, как поставщик услуг в сегменте корпоративного и лакшери -туризма в Юго-Восточной Азии. Высочайший уровень сервиса позволяют обеспечивать собственные операционные офисы во Вьетнаме, Камбодже, Таиланде, Лаосе, Мьянме, Индонезии и Китае. Профессиональные консультации по подбору эксклюзивных услуг и MICE-площадок оперативно окажут мульти-язычные сотрудники в европейских офисах Refine Asia и в представительстве Компании в Москве.