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Heysem Tourism & Travel


Heysem Tourism & Travel Turkey with Soho House Istanbul

Heysem was established in 1990, since then the company has enjoyed a steady growth and has expanded into a divers travel group comprised as Heysem Travel & Tourism, Heysem Mice, Heysem Charter, Heysem Online, Heysem VIP's, Heysem Healtcare...With more than 30 years experience we are on of the oldest and biggest tour operator in Turkey.

Soho House Istanbul

Soho House is a group of private members’ clubs for people working in the creative industries. We have Houses in London, New York, Berlin, Toronto, West Hollywood, Chicago and Miami. Istanbul is our 13th, and there are more in the works. Soho House Istanbul is open for public for unforgettable experiences in its private function areas and bedrooms.