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Korea: JK Plastic Surgery Center


JK Plastic Surgery Center has been leading the plastic surgery market for 21 years since its establishment in 1998. As of 2019, we have seen over 22,000 customers from more than 100 countries around the world make JK their preferred center.

- First medical institution to officially serve foreign patients (Permit #0001, Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare)

- Europe Business Assembly ‘Healthcare& Medical Tourism’ category (2016 – 2021)

In 2017, we became the first and only plastic surgery center to be government accredited through the Korean Accreditation for Hospitals Serving Foreign Patients. In 2019, our accreditation was renewed yet again, proving our spotless record for safety and excellence.

*KAHF: Korea accredited Hospital Designated as the first Hospital in Korea to Attract Foreign Exchange Patients (2017 – 2021)

Patients can expect JK's signature ‘Multi-Disciplinary Approach’ as each surgical specialist works together to give the best surgical results.