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Korea: Soonchunhyang University Hospital Seoul


Founded in 1974 by Dr. Succ-jo Suh, SoonChunHyang[SCH] University Medical Center has a nationwide network with hospitals in Seoul, Gumi, Cheonan, and Bucheon. As the core institution of the SCH Network, SCH Seoul Hospital is the parent organization of SCH University and the Medical Center. Currently, SCH Seoul Hospital has 32 medical departments, 47 specialized medical clinics & centers, 725 beds, and 1,600 medical professionals including 526 physicians. SCH Seoul Hospital is located in Hannam-dong, a hub of International business in Korea, with a large concentration of foreign residents, primarily business executives and diplomats. Approx. 18,000 foreign patients from different countries visit the hospital annually.

Location of the hospital is very close to Myeong-dong, Gang-nam(10-15 minutes taxi ride), and many of Seoul’s top tourist attractions and shopping districts.

<Foreign Patients Service Features>

1. One-stop Care Service for Foreign Patients

2. Professional Patient Care by International Outpatient/Inpatient Service Team

3. Specialized Patient Monitoring by International Ward Patient Care Team

4. Customized Treatment Plan & Cost Assessment by Overseas Partners Support Team

Our experienced international patient service team helps foreign patients coordinate their care, including sending medical records to doctors for their review prior to patient’s arrival and scheduling doctors’ appointments. We also provide foreign patients/overseas partners with a cost estimate for the healthcare services they need.

For patients and families who prefer to communicate about the healthcare in their mother tongue, we provide professional medical interpreters (English, Russian, Chinese, Mongolian) free of charge. We provide face-to-face interpreters, as well as interpreters via telephone and video. Interpreters can help you and your family during all phases of your care.