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Japan: Ibusuki Hakusuikan


Ibusuki Hakusuikan is a traditional spring resort Hotel(Ryokan) at the south of Japan. Hakusuikan's spirit is traditional elegance meets modern excellence in the perfect moment of now. We warmly welcome guests into here to take one's view off to enjoy the beautiful bay view and surround green pine tree.

Spa:Hakusuikan' Genrokuburo hot springs(main bath) sculpted from cypress and stone and framed by exquisite wall paintings and architecture.Our guests can also experience the unique natural steam sand bath in Hakusuikan. The heated sand will warm your whole body, and its weight almost 20kg as a consequence os aids in improving blood circulation.

Cuisine: Here is the true spirit of Japanese cuisine. The chef prepares the dazzing culinary by using unique techniques of cooking. Tha Kaiseki cuisine is distinguished by several key features of seasonal delicacies,focusing in regional and invisible enargy pervading an occasion.