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Japan: Shiroyama Hotel Kagoshima


Kagoshima is the most southern part of Japan, other than Okinawa, surrounded by the ocean and the blessing of the volcano and warm climate brings so many good quality products. Kagoshima is also famous that laid the foundation for Japan to modernize 150 years ago. So there are many historical sights, traditional crafts and the culture.

Kagoshima also have many islands and one of them is called YAKUSHIMA which is the Unesco World Natural Heritage and it's famous for the image of Miyazaki Hayao's anime 'Princess Mononoke’

Our hotel is situated on Shiroyama, the small mountain that 108 m above sea level, SHIROYAMA HOTEL kagoshima overlook Kagoshima City and offers commanding spectacular views of volcano Sakurajima, the symbol of Kagoshima, and Kinko Bay.

Sophisticated furnishings and style with 19 types of guest rooms will make a special day unforgettable.

Wide selection of 11 restaurants featuring seasonal Japanese delicacies. We brew own craft beer that you can enjoy in our restaurants with the cuisine.

enjoy soaking in an out door onsen filled with natural hot spring water wells up from 1,000 m underground. You will enjoy great view especially in the morning time with the sun rise from the foot of the volcano.