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Grecotel Hotels & Resorts


It has been more than 40 years since Nikos Daskalantonakis laid the foundations for Greece’s premiere luxury resort chain when he opened his first hotel on Crete. Today, Grecotel is a destination-venue for people from all walks of life who through the years have become members of the family of guests who have enjoyed Grecotel’s signature hospitality.

Inspired by its superb beachfront location, each of the 30 luxury hotels and resorts in the Grecotel collection all over Greece, is a unique architectural experience in itself and a paradise of opulent amenities, gourmet restaurants and luxurious, well thought-of details, all embodying the essence of the genuine Greek hospitality.

Dedicated to mastering the craft of welcoming luxury in the hospitality industry, Grecotel Hotels and Resorts, the leading hotel chain in Greece, delivers sophisticated lifestyle experiences for travelers in the country’s most beautiful destinations.