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Breidenbacher Hof, a Capella Hotel / Elite Expert


Breidenbacher Hof, a Capella Hotel

Since the grand opening in 1812, the Breidenbacher Hof, a Capella Hotel has been the ultimate address in luxury and hospitality in Dusseldorf and Germany alike.

Whether traveling to Dusseldorf for business or pleasure, we offer outstanding, personal service in a luxurious, exclusive ambience.

The hotel is located in the city center next to famous shopping boulevard Koenigsallee and to the Old Town with diverse restaurants, bars and cafés.

The heart of the hotel is our Capella Living Room, where guests enjoy the full attention of our Personal Assistants catering to their needs. Hot and cold drinks, fruits and sweets are also offered on a complimentary basis.

Two private clinics within the hotel specialize in cardiology, checkups, weight loss programs and in aesthetic surgery.

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Luxury travel in Germany and Austria. Impeccable accommodations that reflect your lifestyle and fine dining that mirrors your taste. Visit seaside resorts and alpine ski lodges, medieval treasuries of Saxon and Bavarian kings, and scenic German islands. Take a helicopter ride over spectacular castles, embark on a cruise down the Rhine, and ascend Germany’s highest peak – the list is endless.

Listen to our guides with degrees in history and art relating magnificent accounts of days long gone. Attend vibrant festivals, explore mysterious dungeons, see the cultural heritage of the Holy Roman Empire and the ornate fachwerk blocks: the high season for sightseeing here lasts year-round!

Our agency has been assisting visitors in Germany since 2003. We personally ensure the highest quality of all services, including convenient transfers with an in-house limo fleet. Luxury autos, yachts, jets, and other options will help create a custom itinerary ideal for you.