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Savoy Westend Hotel



Jewel of Modern Spa Industry and Traditional Balneology

Just as Carlsbad rightfully bears the title of the most beautiful and the most famous spa town of the Czech Republic, without doubt the Savoy Westend Hotel luxury spa resort is among the most sought after and most significant spa facilities of its kind not only in Bohemia but also in the whole of Europe.

This 5-star resort has gained its uniqueness and reputation particularly through the unmistakable synergy of traditional spa industry and state-of-the-art treatment methods and trends. The unique features of the treatment spa-centre of the Savoy Westend Hotel, such as physicians specialized in balneology, an in-house diagnostic centre with a laboratory, close cooperation with specialized centres within the country and abroad, a selection of over 200 treatment, spa, wellness and cosmetic procedures, and most importantly, the individual client approach, stressing the needs and wishes of our clients in all circumstances, all create a remarkable experience.

The key programme of the Savoy Westend Hotel is the Complex Spa Treatment, utilizing exlusively the local natural healing resources – mineral water, carbon dioxide and peat – whose healing properties are used in the spa procedures. The most important ones are the water treatment, thermotherapy, electrotherapy, movement therapy, nutritional consulting and, last but not least, the world-famous Carlsbad local mineral water drinking treatment.

The drinking treatment has been the foundation of the Carlsbad spa treatment for centuries. The local mineral waters are highly beneficial and can reduce all kinds of gastrointestinal tract ailments. The overall treatment efficiency is increased by active exercsising in nature and walks in the surrounding forests. In this respect, the Savoy Westend Hotel offers the ideal conditions as it is located in the immediate vicinity of spa forests, as well as in the walking distance from the forest promenades and viewpoints.

The exclusive resort comprising of five historical villas, each one representing a true architectural gem of its time, is embedded in the spa atmosphere of pervasive peace and quiet. Thanks to a sensitive reconstruction, the buildings have preserved their grace and charm which takes their guests right back into the genteel and elegant 1920s and 1930s.

Whether you choose to visit Carlsbad to get treated or just to relax, the luxury Savoy Westend Hotel and Spa Resort will present you with the very best of everything.