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LTM и Ambotis Holidays открывают Грецию для детей

Kids discover Greece thanks to LTM & Ambotis Holidays

From 01.06 to 08.06, pupils from the Belgorod-Dniester Children’s’ Home visited Greece at the invitation of the Ambotis Foundation and under the patronage of the Managing Director of Luxury Travel Mart Artem Polanskiy.

Accommodation for the children was provided courtesy of the hotel Xenios Theoxenia, part of the Greek chain Xenios Ventures Hotels, which includes hotels for every taste and budget. The hotel was carefully chosen. Thanks to its ideal location close to Mount Athos, the children were able to enjoy in full the nature of Greece and the Aegean Sea and, even if it was only for a short period, they managed to escape the noise of the big city.

Each day of the children’s visit to Greece was bright and filled with activities: the animation program at the hotel, master classes by animators from the TURBO GAMES CLUB, contests and, of course, swimming in the crystal clear sea. The children had a delightful time and visited many interesting places: the city of Thessaloniki, Vergina, the park of the ancient Greek scientist and philosopher Aristotle in Stagira, and also had the opportunity to go on a cruise around Mount Athos and visit the Waterland aqua park.

On their final evening the children shared their positive memories of the holiday and thoroughly enjoyed a Greek party, which included traditional Greek dances. Management from the Ambotis Foundation made every possible effort to ensure that the children enjoyed themselves and they will remember their visit to Greece for many years to come.

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