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Moscow, Spring / Kiev / Almaty / Moscow, Autumn



Special Travel Club offers a unique experience to unusual people. We’ve created our own philosophy where travelling is not just tourism but a real adventure, landmark which introduces a new side of life and can leave nobody the same.

Our main specialization is organizing expedition programs to the Polar Regions and namely to the North Pole via drifting ice camp Barneo and by a nuclear icebreaker “50 Years of Victory”. Expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic and Russian Far East.

But not only “cold” latitudes. Our special pride is the exclusive tailor-made tours, which meet special interests of our travelers. We can organize a journey almost to any distant corner of the world. Our strong points are the expeditions for photographers, wildlife-lovers and ethnic tours. Special Travel Club generously share its ideas for travelling but at the same time is always open to the most unexpected requests of our enthusiastic clients.

We believe that a real adventure can be also a luxurious and upscale one. That’s why we always try to combine the spirit of expedition with the maximum comfort that can be provided in each specific region.