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Sani Resort


Sani Resort is a privately developed ecological reserve, with evergreen landscapes, bird sanctuaries, pine forests and olive groves, turquoise waters and white sandy beaches that spread over many kilometers. In its 1000 acres of natural beauty, there are five luxury five star hotels offering exclusive accommodation in renovated rooms and suites, superb service and welcoming staff, a state-of-the-art yacht marina and a shopping plaza bustling with celebrated restaurants and bars and trendy shops, ultimate leisure, all kinds of sport activities and children`s facilities, including Chelsea football academy and Rafa Nadal tennis center, and with its five extraordinary Spa venues by Anne Semonin. Sani Resort is considered to be the ultimate Mediterranean destination. Sani Resort organizes two annual festivals – Sani Gourmet Festival, that gathers best worldwide chefs, and Sani Festival, important date in the domestic and international arts calendar. Sani Resort was nominated and awarded with numerous international prestigious awards.