Luxury Travel Mart

LTM Moscow Spring 2021 on the 22nd and 23rd of April 2021

LTM Kyiv 2021 on the 21st of September 2021

LTM Almaty 2021 on the 24th of September 2021

LTM Moscow Autumn 2021 on the 30th of September - 1st of October 2021


IDI Travel


Renowned for designing the most thrilling tailor-made itineraries, IDI is your key in discovering private destinations throughout Italy and France, rarely enjoyed by visitors.

The partnerships with finest hotels and villas, the best and most knowledgeable guides, chefs, winemakers and designers, in both countries, make IDI the leader in providing exclusive experiences.

The exciting and authentic destinations and experiences that we suggest, are the main feature of IDI, who make our guests enthusiastic to travel with us.

All is enriched by the greatest care and attention in cuddle our clients. IDI maintains a fleet of luxury vehicles and boasts an ever-growing number of professional, knowledgeable drivers, able to welcome your clients at any airport and transfer them wherever they roam.

Our reservation agents are extremely informative and will never hesitate to pick up the phone to have a chat with you. While travelling throughout Italy and France clients may always rely on us 24/7 for any assistance.

The added value to all is that curiosity and desire to improve allow us to be on hand at all times. We are constantly searching the newest and the most exclusive experiences, hotels and suppliers by personally exploring areas and testing and qualify activities.

We work dedicating heart and soul to our clients... we truly let them live a dream.