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Crimean Breeze Hotel&Villas


The CRIMEAN BREEZE Hotel & Villas is little Italy on the shores of the Black Sea, located in the very heart of the Limen Valley. Thanks to the unique, dry, subtropic climate it is a year-round resort with great weather, an ideal place to rest and enjoy harmony with nature.

For three years in a row, The CRIMEAN BREEZE Hotel & Villas claimed the title - «The Best Eco Hotel in Russia».


• 20 hectares of ecologically clean forest and park zones

• 11 individual villas

• 119 rooms

• 13 panoramic pools (12 seawater pools, 1 – regular)

• 1 indoor pool

• 4 beach maps

• 300 meters of waterfront

• La Fontana Health and Beauty Center

• 2 restaurants and a seaside café.

• 5 bars


• Tennis court

• Fitness center

• Cartoon club and Lego school for the children

• Medical center

• Indoor parking

• Helicopter deck

• Yacht and speed boat dock

• Banquet and conference halls

• A 600 m2 multi-functional tent

• Electro cars for your transportation