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Lujo Hotel Bodrum


Located at the Güvercinlik Bay known for its spectacular nature, Lujo offers its guests an opportunity to create new stories while carefully blending luxury and comfort.

In light of its “Art & Joy” theme, Lujo believes that anything that exhibits outstanding joy must involve art. The hotel gets inspiration fr om every type of art and treats hospitality as an art form.

With its simple architecture, natural colors and striking view of the Aegean Sea, located at the Güvercinlik Bay that is only 15 km away fr om the Bodrum Airport, Lujo intends to respond to those who are interested in finding difference by discovering the extraordinary.

Serving as a portal into a world of art and joy with its simple design, Lujo welcomes guests into a luxurious atmosphere with more than 20 different and comfortable room options suitable for guests’ different needs. Some may prefer to book Laguna Duplex Family Suites or one of the 7 distinct villas with private swimming pools – a popular choice among families. The villas vary in size and include 2 to 5 rooms to host families of all sizes. Others may prefer to be in the spotlight day and night – the newest addition Indigo Clubber Rooms, located inside Indigo Beach Club, would be an ideal choice with their Jacuzzis at their terraces to offer a unique experience for the fun-lovers. Laguna Rooms with their direct access to sharing pools, Forest Rooms & Suites with their unprecedented architecture win the hearts of the couples. Whatever you may need, there is an option that will fill your heart with joy.

The villas, Laguna Duplex Family Suite and the Forest Room & Suite have their own private preserve within Lujo. Rated under the “Prestige Category”, these rooms offer many extras to their guests who are seeking privacy and intimacy. They will have access to a private restaurant, a separate fitness center and a spa. Even the check-in’s will be through a separate reception. Also, while all room types include sel ect amenities, these rooms’ will be a little more prestigious to suit their name.

The hotel, standing out with its simple architecture, breaks new ground due to its artistic approach to rooms and suites that are at ranging fr om 40 – 106 square meters. With 80% of its rooms having a frontal sea view, Lujo offers luxurious services such as exclusively heated swimming pools for the spring months, Aqua Park for the children and childlike guests, and Kijo Club wh ere 1-17 year-old children are entertained with fun and educational activities.

The 1 km-long white sand beach of Lujo, which is located on a 110 thousand-decare land at the Güvercinlik Bay of Bodrum, rewards its guests with an exclusive beach delight. Lujo’s special white sand shore proves to cater anyone with its Escape Beach for those who look for silence in nature; Joy Beach for those who would like to build castles out of sand with their kids; and Indigo Beach Club for those who are in search of beach parties.

As Lujo treats food also as a form of art, it embraces an all-inclusive À La Carte system that shares its groundbreaking gourmet flavors with its guests.

Chef Mustafa Gurbuz and his innovative team prepare each dish with a goal to leave a trace while displaying their contemporary and distinctive cooking skills.

The hotel guests can enjoy the unique flavors coming from Anatolian, Asian, Italian, French, Mexican and International cuisines at its 9 different gourmet restaurants with a spectacular sea view while having a taste of delicious drinks and signature cocktails served at 14 different bars - including aged whiskeys at the Pablo Esco Bar.

Lujo offers 6 different swimming pool options that are envisioned in a way to consider each and every detail from heating to technology, measurement to design, and to put comfort in the center. The 2 main swimming pools are designed as infinity pools looking at the breathtaking view of Guvercinlik, and Fly-inn pool have a cocktail bar in the middle wh ere special mixologists prepare Lujo’s tasty drinks. The swimming pool at the beach is for those who prefer warm seawater, and the one at the Indigo Beach Club is a joyful stop for the party people. The indoor pool that evokes the luxurious feeling of Lujo, expects those who are eager to enjoy swimming indoors.

Sensum Spa with its unique therapies including Ayurvedic and Far-Eastern techniques, natural beauty treatments, peaceful relaxation areas and charming scents offers a healing haven for all Lujo guests.

Lujo promises its guests an exceptional and privileged vacation with technologically equipped rooms, restaurants that serve delicious meals fr om diverse cuisines, Chocolate Bar that guarantees the peak of the handmade chocolate pleasure, Pablo Esco Bar that plates numerous unique tastes and with a welcoming cheerful staff.

Prepare yourself for a journey into a lush world full of art & joy!