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SHA Wellness Clinic - represented by Ars Vitae


SHA is a world-wide pioneering well-being clinic and medical hotel, focused on improving and notably lengthening people's health and well-being and situated in Albir Beach, nearby the picturesque town of Villa de Altea (Region of Valencia).

The SHA method integrates the most effective natural therapies with highly therapeutic nutrition, without neglecting the latest advances in Western medicine, especially in preventive medicine, genetics and anti-aging. The coordinated and supervised fusion of these therapies significantly enhances the positive impact that these therapies would have on an individual basis.

In our ongoing quest to provide you the very best, we have started a remarkable journey to improve and expand our Wellness & Clinic Area. Nowadays SHA a biggest Wellness&Medical area in Europe, more than 5000 sq. m.

Condé Nast Johansens Awards for Excellence, 2017, “Spain’s Best Wellness Retreat”, "Best in Spain”, Wellness Travel Awards, Spafinder, 2016, “Best in Europe”, Wellness Travel Awards, Spafinder, 2016, “Best Ahead‐of‐the-Curve-Innovation”, Wellness Travel Awards, Spafinder, 2016, “Best for ‘Wow’ Factor”, Wellness Travel Awards, Spafinder, 2016, “Best for Beauty and Anti-Aging”, Wellness Travel Awards, Spafinder, 2016, “Best for Medical Services”, Wellness Travel Awards, Spafinder, 2016, “Best for Nutrition & Healthy Cuisine”, Wellness Travel Awards, Spafinder, 2016, “Best Weight Loss Program”, Wellness Travel Awards, 2016, “Best Destination Spa 2017”, World Spa Awards, 2016, “Best Wellness Clinic Pioneer Worldwide”, Condé Nast Traveller Russia, 2016, "Most Directional Clinic" by Conde Nast Traveller UK, 2016, "Best Spa in Europe", "Best Spa in Spain", "Best anti-aging and beauty centre", "Best healthy cooking centre", "Best medical services", "Best nutrition", "Best healthy living program", "Best weight loss centre", "Best centre to learn and practice yoga", Wellness Travel Awards by Spafinder, 2015, “Best Luxury Spa in Spain”, 7 Star Global Luxury Awards, 2013, “Best Medical Spa International” Spa Finder, 2012, “Best Clinic” Quality Spa, 2012