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Бриллиант для гостя LTM

Diamond for LTM guest

We herewith have the pleasure to announce that GASSAN Diamonds, in cooperation with LTM, will sponsor a beautiful white gold diamond necklace with an exclusive GASSAN 121 cut diamond for raffle during the coming LTM event in Moscow at the Ritz Carlton hotel on October 1st next.

GASSAN 121, worldwide patented by GASSAN Diamonds has 121 facets. In comparison to the traditional round brilliant cut with its 57 facets, the GASSAN 121 has 16 more facets on the top and 48 more facets on the bottom. These additional facets give a wonderful reflection of light and are a true must-see during your trip to Amsterdam

GASSAN Diamonds is a 100% family owned business and is located in a beautiful restored factory building in the centre of Amsterdam. It was originally built as a steam driven diamond factory in 1879 and at that time, it was the largest of its kind in the world and had 400 diamond polishers.
Nowadays visitors have the opportunity to watch the diamond polishers at their craft, while multilingual staff will tell all about the history of diamonds and the company. Taylor made tours forVIP’s and corporate & Incentive groups.

During the tour (available in more than 27 languages) the tour guides will explain where diamonds are being found and how rough diamonds turn into dazzling brilliants. In a showroom you can seeloose polished diamonds in various sizes and qualities and GASSAN’s extensive jewellery collection.GASSAN Diamonds has an in-house workshop where jewellery is designed and settings can be adjusted. Collection of trendy jewellery and brand watches including an in-house Rolex Boutique. Private parking facilities and own mooring site.

Open 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.

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